Friday, October 30, 2009

My Perspective

Wow, it seems like it's been a year since I last posted here. Forgot all about this blog. thought I'd put down on cyber what we've been doing lately....from my perspective. I'll start with the dogs. Our 2 schnauzers Heidi & Boris have apparently taken one (that we know of) neighbor to the brink of homicide. one friday night we trekked on down to Phoenix to attend one of Coltons football games. By the time we got back home it was 11:30pm. There was a piece of paper on our front door stating "Do you hear your dogs barking?! First warning! Second warning PV court!" My first reaction was, well, to find out WHO left the note. Couldn't they tell that we were not home? My next thought was to buy one of those records (CDs whatever) of dogs barking songs and turn it way up. No, that wouldn't be good. Once I got over the initial shock of someone complaining about my dogs, anonymously I might add, I put myself in their shoes. Late at night, dogs continually barking, the owners not doing anything about it (even though we weren't home), I could see how they would be upset. So I dug through ONE of the junk drawers, looked on the dryer, made a mess of the pantry looking for the bark collar. After an hour of looking I found it ....on the dryer. I went to PetSmart and bought another one so now each of the Schnauzers would wear one while we were away. Works like a charm. I guess I only wish that whoever it was that left the note would feel comfortable enough to come over and talk to us about it. OK, enough about the dogs...Gabby is doing fine.
Next, Connor. He is doing SO good in school! His teacher, Mrs. Hepworth, is terrific. He is one of the most imaginative kids I've ever known....reminds me a lot of the Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Maybe its the 'only child' thing. He is soooo excited to turn 7 next month! We'll have to do something special. So, allin all, Connor is doing great.
Next, Colton. Gets up, I take him to Seminary at 5:50am, from there he catches a ride to school. After school there is a study hall session that he attends, then goes directly to the film room to watch films of the next team they play. From there he suits up and is out on the football field for practice. His Mom picks him up after practice at 6:30pm and brings him home....unless if its Wednesday, then he goes directly to mutual. His grades for the first quarter were 2 A's and 3 b's. We are very proud of him. We are still waiting for his father to sign his drivers permit form so that he can begin to practice his driving. Well done Colton! Well done.
Next, Sean. Sean was hire by the firm that builds and services those unmanned drone aircraft in the middle east. Just found out that he is going to Utah for 30 days training, then a week in Ohio to get all ready to head off to Iraq in January. They didn't see that coming but are bearing down to deal with it. His beautiful wife Kristin and Son Brayden will reside with her parents until his return at which time they anticipate buying a house.
Next, Ryan. Ryan & Jen & Rylind have moved into Jen's aunts unoccupied house.
Next, Lisa. Lisa continues to struggle with her arthritis, psoriasis, bone deterioration. She serves as much as she can & there's nothing she wouldn't do for her children. She is having so much fun being a football mom and using her new digital 35mm camera to take a gazillion pictures at the games. Love you honey.
OK, me. Doing well, am sick (again) now. I am managing to keep the weight off thanks to spinning & the occasional Iron King trail walk/run. Pent a week down in Tucson taking care of Mom who fell and shattered her left arm at the wrist. Surgery consisted of one metal plate and numerous screws. She is recovering well. While I was down there I visited the Sunflower Store. Man I wish we had one here. I bought a ton of salt water taffy for $1.77 a lbs of which I'll be (if I am better by tomorrow night) dropping into the buckets, bags, pillowcases at our local trunk or treat. I love this time of year.....didn't always. Almost have the garage completely transformed into a craft room, theater, library, recreation room.
I may have left a lot out, but this is just on a need to know basis. I just noticed that I wrote more about the dogs than anyone else...Schnauzers ROCK!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Welcome to my new big fat Blog. I've toiled with starting my own blog for some time, I mean really, what could I possibly blog about that would be considered interesting to the 'average' reader? My wife already has a blog that keeps you blogging addicts up to date on our lives. No need to post the tra la la's and la dee da's of our lives here. And then it came to me the other night as I was tossing and turning with a wide spectrum of thoughts racing through my head. Thoughts such as comedy skits, commercials, screen plays, and more. What if I could harness these innovated and creative thoughts long enough to put them in print? I've tried out a few on my wife but she just doesn't seem to grasp the genius of, well, most of them. OK, all of them. For instance she just didn't 'get it' when I told her of my idea of having the peppermint patty company doing advertisements for The World Series of Poker. Just imagine those silver foil covers being replaced by foil designed to look like poker chips. They are about the same size, they stack just like chips, and to some they are just as valuable. Kids sitting around a poker table dressed to resemble the poker stars of today as they may have looked like when they were younger.......she didn't like the correlation. Oh yeah, I got a bunch of them. My brother must have the same 'gift' because he told me of an idea he had for Ford trucks. You know when the highway turns into 3 lanes because there is a steep incline coming up and there is a sign that says "Trucks Use Right 2 Lanes"? I think everyone knows it means 18 wheelers, but here is this macho guy in his Ford, Chevy, or whatever truck going 45 mph with all the big trucks while cars and the other truck competitors cruise by in the left lane proving his point that his is the only 'real' truck. Yeah, I think it may run in the family.